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Aquarium Information Video (How Do I Clean Algae on a Fish Aquarium?)

How Do I Clean Algae on a Fish Aquarium? -- powered by ExpertVillage.com

Courtesy Of: Expert Village

Description: To clean the algae on a fish aquarium, try using algae magnets or algae-eating fish. Clean the algae from a fish aquarium with tips from the owner of a fish pet store in this free video on pet care.

Fishy love story breeds new Nemo

Reminiscent of the movie Finding Nemo, two mature clown fish of different breeds and the same sex found each other in a tropical version of Sydney Harbour, a 2.5-million-litre tank at Townsville's Reef HQ Aquarium.

The outcome was the birth of a new breed of baby Nemos.

Aquarium head aquarist Glen Everson says it is very rare for two different types of clown fish to breed.

Aquarium News article courtesy of: ABC News
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Aquarium Information Video

ckwave-flash" data="http://cdn-www.expertvillage.com/player-demandstudio.swf?cacheBuster=1779672187&flv=138058_do-change-water-fish-aquarium" id="ev_player" width="491" height="424" >
How Do I Change the Water in a Fish Aquarium? -- powered by ExpertVillage.com

Description: Fish aquarium water should be changed at least once or twice a month to keep pet fish healthy. Change the water in a fish aquarium with tips from the manager of a fish pet store in this free video on pet care.

Aquarium Video Courtesy Of: Expert Village

Putting science behind RI's ornamental fish industry

For decades international collectors discussed Indonesia's trade in ornamental fish only in hushed tones.

The environmental damage to the nation's marine reefs caused by stunning fish with illegal potassium cyanide had placed Indonesia's export of aquarium fish on the questionable practices list overseas while drawing much criticism from environmentalists and the fishing industry at home.

A group of marine biologists and divers, backed by government regulations, are now helping ornamental fishermen rethink their collection techniques, with environmental and economically sustainable results.

With training from the Indonesian Nature Foundation (LINI), aquarium fish harvesters in many parts of Indonesia are now using small-gauge nets to gather targeted fish species, allowing coral reef to replenish itself.

The soft nets reduce injury to the fish, which are again breeding well thanks to no-take zones. These serve as miniature marine reserves, allowing for breeding and a safe haven for fish agreed to by the fishermen.

Aquarium fish divers have often sprayed collectible fish with potassium cyanide to stun them, which also kills off the nearby coral. Unbridled use of potassium cyanide was killing off the very reefs which serve as the breeding ground and living habitat for many aquarium and food fish species. The harvesters were in effect killing the golden goose.

Aquarium News article courtesy of: The Jarkarta Post

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How to Buy Aquarium Fish : What Are The Most Popular Fish at Pet Stores?

Description: Learn which pet fish are most popular for your aquarium with tips from a goldfish expert in this free pet care video.

Courtesy Of: Expert Village

Beautiful but deadly

The Wildlife World Aquarium will not only feature exotic marine animals from all over the world but also educate visitors about the health of our oceans.

For example, one of the most elegant-looking and widely known among aquarium hobbyists the lionfish, also represents a serious threat to ocean ecosystems in the Caribbean where they are considered an invasive species. Due to human activities, these venomous fish, originally from the South Pacific Ocean, have proliferated and threaten to eliminate native Atlantic species of reef fish. It is another example of what can happen when an ecosystem’s balance is upset by the introduction of a new species with few or zero natural enemies to keep its population in check.

Scientists don’t yet know what the long-term effects of this exploding population of predators will have on Atlantic reef systems. One concern is the loss of herbivorous fish that normally keep the growth of algae in check. Thus, preventing the smothering of coral reefs (ScienceDaily.com).

Lionfish are distinguished by several long spines that can inject venom that is lethal to other fish. (The venom, while very painful, is rarely lethal for humans.)

In case you’ve not heard about the new Wildlife World Aquarium set to open in a few weeks, the 16-acre facility has three indoor exhibit buildings featuring sharks, stingrays, flamingos, crocs and more.

A log flume ride takes passengers around several primate islands and through a large aquarium tunnel filled with tropical Pacific reef fish. The project also includes a new zoo and aquarium entrance, two gift shops, paved parking, and the Tiburon Restaurant & Flamingo Lounge.

At opening, more than 150 new species will be added to the nearly 400 species already in the zoo and aquarium collection. The new animals will be spread over some 80 indoor and outdoor exhibits in a campus-like setting.

Aquarium News Article By Grey Stafford PHD

Aquarium News Article & Picture Courtesy Of: AZFamily.com & KTVK 3TV


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Aquarium Information Video

Aquarium Information Video Courtesy Of: Expert Village

Description: Start up your nitrogen cycle! Learn types of starter fish for a freshwater aquarium in this free instructional video clip.

Nothing fishy about his success

Mohd Zulkilfi Yusof inspecting a discus fish at his farm. — NST picture by Fathil Asri

KOTA BARU: When his business nose-dived during a recession in the late 1990s, batik maker Mohd Zulkilfi Yusof floundered for a while and even drove a taxi to earn a living.

To cope with the stress of losing his business, the 48-year-old kept an aquarium of fish five years ago.

The hobby became his ticket back into the business world.

As the fish bred and multiplied, Zulkifli bought new aquariums and this caught the attention of the youth in his neighbourhood.

They began thronging his house in Kampung Jias Dewan Beta here to buy fish for their own aquariums.
It was then that he decided to go full-time into the aquarium fish-breeding business.

Now, the father-of-four is a successful aquarium fish-breeder with a farm and 15 ponds filled with various species of fish such as guppies and molly fish.

Instead of resting on his laurels, he is making big plans for the future, including developing an arowana farm at a one-hectare site in Gual Pasir, Rantau Panjang.

Zulkilfi has also started breeding the popular Betta splendens, or fighting fish, and the expensive discus fish.

He has had to hire four workers to help him out on the fish farm and has delegated the marketing to several agents.

"I sell to customers who come here, but the daily marketing is left to the agents, who open up stalls at farmers' markets and other public events.

"We sell more than 20,000 fish of various species monthly in the state, and it is still not enough.

"I have to source another 10 per cent of my stock from outside Kelantan." 

The cheaper varieties are sold at 12 sen to 18 sen each to the agents, while the fighting fish go for RM2 to RM50 each. 

The discus fish usually go for more than RM100 each.

Zulkifli's growing business has also attracted the attention of the Fisheries Department and the Kemubu Agricultural Development Authority, which has helped him to improve his farm and sent him for training.

Aquarium News Article Courtesy Of: NST Online

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Fish Tank Maintenance : Cleaning Fish Tanks (Aquarium Information Video)

Courtesy Of: Expert Village

Description: Cleaning fish tanks sometimes requires more than snails and algae eaters. Get tips on what tools to use to clean a fish tank from a fish expert in this free pet care video.

Fish Tank Maintenance : Removing Ick from Fish Tanks (Aquarium Information Video)

Courtesy Of: Expert Village

Description:Ick in a fish tank is caused by adding fish, extreme temperature change or changing water and can be easily removed. Get tips on removing ick from a fish expert in this free pet care video.

Florida May Tighten Reef Harvest Rules

A series of draft changes to Florida’s marine-life (aquarium species) fishery regulations will be discussed at the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s public meetingDec. 4 in Key West, Fla. The changes would protect additional fish and invertebrate species, and establish generally tighter limits on collection species currently regulated.

The commission attributes changes in aquarium technology that have allowed for “living-reef tanks” as opposed to simple fish tanks as driving the need for the regulatory changes.

“Many consumers are now seeking more invertebrates, such as snails, anemones and crabs for their living-reef aquarium,” the draft rule reads. “FWC rulemaking has not kept pace with the demand for more invertebrates.”

The regulations would apply to the 168 commercial endorsements, as well as recreational divers collecting for their own aquariums. In 2005, Florida established an endorsement program that allowed 130 commercial divers to collect aquarium species and 38 to commercial fishermen who captured marine life as bycatch in shrimp trawls, and crab and lobster traps. Aside from the holders of those 146 endorsements, commercial marine-life harvesting is not allowed in Florida waters, and recreational divers with saltwater-fishing licenses are not allowed to sell any of their marine catch.

Proposed changes include establishing maximum size limits for parrotfish and tangs (to curtail food harvest), making the slot limit for Cuban hogfish consistent with that of Spanish hogfish, and widening the slot limit on butterflyfish. The proposes rules would also establish a personal limit for butterfly fish in addition to the existing vessel limit.

News Article Courtesy Of: Pet Product News

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Picture Courtesy of : Pet Product News


How to Buy Aquarium Fish : Why Goldfish Are So Popular

Description:Learn why goldfish are the most popular fish for aquariums with tips from a fish expert in this free pet care video.

Courtesy Of: Expert Village

Puntius denisonii threatened by aquarium trade

Scientists have highlighted the threatened conservation status of the Red lined torpedo barb, Puntius denisonii, a popular aquarium fish. 
Prasad, Ali and Raghavan summarised the current knowledge on Puntius denisonii in the latest issue of the journal Environmental Biology of Fishes, as part of the journal's regular Threatened Fishes of the World series. 
Their paper claims that 
Puntius denisonii is officially regarded as "Endangered", and that the aquarium trade is responsible for the demise of the fish. 

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Some aquarium hobbyist likes to keep aquarium plants in their aquarium, but you always have to replace the plants because they are always wilting. Then you get frustrated on keeping them. What aquarium plants need? Aquarium Plants need Lighting, Nutrients and some aquarium hobbyist this thing, CO2! CO2 is important to plants because they make their own food out of CO2. Remember plants need CO2 for food, that's why planting more trees help reduces CO2 in our air and that's good. But in the aquarium water CO2 is reduce because the aquarium filter moves the water and creates oxygen and if you have a heavily planted aquarium which needs more CO2. Do I need CO2? Depends on how many plants you have in your aquarium. If you have a lot of plants you should have CO2, but if you don't you do not need extra CO2.

How to make an Aquarium CO2 System?
You don't spend lots of money on a complicated pressurised aquarium CO2 system. This method we are going to show you is the uncomplicated bio method of producing CO2 for your aquarium plants.

Here is the materials you need:
1 two litre soda bottle with a cap and an extra cap for mixing your mixture
1 silicone airline tube (the one you use of your aquarium air pump)
1 aquarium CO2 diffuser (You can find them at most pets store that's sells aquarium fish)
Glue Gun
Check Valve
1 teaspoon of yeast (We recommend using active dry yeast or quick yeast)
3/4-1 Cup Of Sugar
1/2 teaspoon of baking soda (for areas with soft water)
6-7 Cup of water (Luke warm water is recommended) 
A funnel (To prevent messes)

Make a hole on one of the caps, then insert the airline tube through it until its 2-3 cm below the cap. Then spread the glue from the glue gun around the hole to seal it and let it dry until usage. Then add the yeast, sugar, baking soda(for area with soft water), and luke warm water. Then use the cap with the hole and put it on. Then shake the mixture well. Then put the cap on with airline tube. Remember to put the check valve to prevent water siphoning into your aquarium.  


Aquarium Information Video

Courtesy Of: Expert Village

Description:Learn how to clean your aquarium with tips from a goldfish expert in this free pet care video.

Aquarium Talk Draws Large Pool

Something seemed fishy one recent afternoon as twenty-five residents gathered around the aquarium in Palmetto Place assisted living at Wesley Commons. To their delight, Stan Thrailkill of Custom Aquarium enlightened the audience during his presentation about the 180 gallon coral reef salt water aquarium.  During his talk, Thrailkill gave an overview of custom aquariums, introduced the audience to the colorful fish and the live habitat inside the tank, and explained how the fish are safely transported from all over the world before reaching their home in Greenwood.


Due to several requests from new residents and family members, Wesley Commonsinvited Thrailkill, who installed and maintains three aquariums on the WesleyCommons campus, to return for his second presentation. “The aquarium has been such a popular attraction for everyone who enters our lobby. People of all ages stop to admire the beautiful fish and watch the activity inside the glass,” commented Vicki Fields, Activities Coordinator of Palmetto Place.


Wesley Commons is a non-profit master-planned Continuing Care Retirement Community nestled into 110 rolling acres with six delightful neighborhoods. If you would like more information on any of the Wesley Commons neighborhoods or the services and programs offered, please call (864) 227-7290 or visit the website atwww.wesleycommons.org.

Pictures and Article is Courtesy Of Greenwood Today

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Aquarium Information

Description:Learn how to maintain the proper nitrogen level in your aquarium with tips from a fish expert in this free pet care video.

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Go Green with your pet fish

These days you can go a lot greener keeping pet fish. If everyone use low power consuming aquarium equipment we can make a difference. Ways you can be green keeping pet fish. 
1. Change your canopy hood bulbs from incandescent to florescent light bulbs. 
2. Use low power consuming aquarium filters and air pumps.
3. Save water by watering your plants with the aquarium water you removed when changing water.
These ways could really keep your fish happy and help mother nature in a big way.

Courtesy Of Aquarium Fish News


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Aquarium Information Video

Description:Learn what fish combinations are safe and appropriate for your aquarium with tips from a goldfish expert in this free pet care video.

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Global Economy and Your Pet Fish

Right Now we are hearing a lot of companies going out of business, banks and etc. But could affect your pets? No, But remember don't ever release your pet fish into the wild because it will damage Eco system. But there is a solution. Fish supplies prices have been down these pass years. If you are in a very difficult budget you can still find low price fish supplies out in the market or you make your fish supplies from DIY Aquarium websites.

News Article Courtesy Of: Aquarium Fish News


Aquarium Information Video

Courtesy Of Youtube User: ququa88

Description:This is a method used to make your own fry food. Your baby fish should be eating baby brine shrimp when they hatch but they will eat this too. You should give this to them if you do not have brine shrimp eggs. Minimum

Aquarium Information Video

Courtesy Of Youtube User: quaqa88

Video Description: How to make a fish trap at home.

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Aquarium Information Video

Aquarium Video Description: How to make an aquarium background.

Courtesy Of: cichlids4ever


Fish hobbyists from cities such as Des Moines, Iowa and Lincoln and Omaha Nebraska joined other enthusiasts from Blue Springs, Independence and Kansas City at an auction and fundraiser Saturday sponsored by the Heart of America Aquarium Society.

HAAS Director Ron Wells said the auction – held at the Palmer Senior Center at 218A North Pleasant in Independence – was the third of the year at Palmer for the Web-based organization.

The auction, Wells said, included a can food drive to benefit Eastern Jackson County’s Community Services League, in addition to a food court that contributed proceeds from sales to the CSL as well.

“Our goal is to support 10 families for Thanksgiving,” Wells said, adding that a few members of HAAS who work with or volunteers at one of the CSL’s six sites in the Eastern Jackson County area suggested the two organizations partner for a day to raise funds. “This is more than about fish.”

News Courtesy: Blue Springs Examiner

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Aquarium Information Video

Courtesy Of Youtube User: cichlids4ever

How to re modified your DIY Aquarium Sump. Part 2.

Aquarium Information Video

Courtesy Of Youtube user: cichlids4ever

Description: How to make an easy and inexpensive aquarium sump. Part 1.


The world famous aquatic planted tank contest results are now online. Each year over 1000 aquarists submit their gorgeous tanks for ranking and judges have the hard job of deciding who is the best in the world.

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Hooked on Aquariums

Dave Unruh is waiting for a little hanky panky in his basement. But it's been three years. And still, he waits. He's pretty much done everything he can to set the mood for a little lovin'.

Luckily, Dave is a patient guy. Good thing. When it comes to breeding fish, especially those rather fussy wild-caught angel fish, he knows he simply can't rush nature.

About three years ago, he bought 10. Pterophyllum scalare they are. Eight survived and seem to delight in entertaining visitors with their graceful dances in their 500-litre tank .

He's researched them. Read about their likes and dislikes. And has done everything possible to please them.

He's dimmed the lights. He filters their water through peat moss to give it a tea-like tint to mimic their natural, South American environment. He's included stuff they like to hide in: ribbon-like grass and driftwood.

He even varies their diet to keep them content. Frozen bloodworms. Live red worms. And good-quality flaked food that he stores in his freezer for optimal freshness.

He fusses about things like water temperature and PH levels. Everything has to be just right.

He even has a piece of slate propped against one side of the tank because he read they like to lay eggs on a vertical, slanted surface.

To the human observer, they seem happy enough.

Problem is, they're just not in the mood for anything amourous.

Dave is pretty sure he's got a mix of males and females. Although, he admits with a smile: "I can't tell the difference."

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Courtesy Of The St. Catherines Standard

Aquarium Information Video From Youtube

How to make a easy DIY Aquarium Co2 Reactor.

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Aquarium Deals

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Aquarium Information Video From Youtube

DIY Aquarium Filter that you can easily make at home.

Courtesy Of Youtube User

Listening to Mozart makes fish grow quicker

Aquarium fish that listen to classical music grow more quickly, according to the results of an unusual study by scientists from Greece.

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Courtesy Of: Practical Fish Keeping


Aquarium Deals From Online Shops all over the web

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Woman offers guppies to kids, another seeks cast-iron pot

Why are guppies like snowflakes? No two are exactly alike!

Guppies' unique colors and patterns rank them among the most popular freshwater aquarium fish. Fascinating to watch and easy to care for, guppies can be found in clear, tropical waters, brackish water or in the Mailbag!

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Courtesy Of: Nashua Telegraph

Aquarium reef fish breeding underway

Reef HQ staff in Townsville are being kept busy with reef fish breeding in the aquariums.

Many reef fish species spawn at this time of year along with the coral, and the trigger fish and leopard sharks are busily laying eggs in the displays.

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News Courtesy Of: ABC Science

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